Why pressure wash new porch 1 year after install



One of the areas of a house that people are concerned to keep impeccable, is the porch. Everybody loves to have a nice front porch that looks clean and as new as the first day it was installed, but this is kinda difficult because you can’t fight against the conditions of the nature, such as seasons, insects, birds, fungus, mildew, smoke, etc.

Most of the experts in home maintenance, recommends pressure wash your porch once a year, starting a year after the installation.

But, why is necessary to wash your porch once a year? Well, here are some good reasons:

  1.          Have your house in optimal conditions safeguard your investment and family´s health.
  2.         Pressure washing your porch prevents damage caused by moisture during the winter, because moisture can cause stains on the surface, and if you don’t do something about, permanent damages may be caused.
  3.          By pressure washing your porch, can take years off of an older home an keep it looking new for years to come, and it´s also cost- efficient, because pressure washing is actually a lot less expensive than remodeling or repainting.
  4.          Making reference to dust and mildew, these things could not only be affecting your front porch appearance, but your family´s health as well. All the dirt, grime and mildew that accumulates on your porch and home´s surfaces can be dangerous; so, removing them with pressure washing, helps keep you and your pets from getting sick.
  5.          It´s also environmentally friendly, because you can avoid using painting to keep your porch nice.
  6.          And also helps you to save time. Pressure washing is once a year, so it´s turns out better than painting or remodeling.


As you can see, you can have many benefits just by pressure washing your porch at least once a year.


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